Lakewood Living: Great Place to Live in Colorado

August 18, 2022

A few minutes away from Denver, Lakewood is a place surrounded by nature, full of culture and arts, a fast-growing city, and a bustling economy. Lakewood's location offers its residents access to the Denver metro area's city amenities, art, culture, and the Rockies' outdoorsy activities. The thriving job market and educational opportunities are the major factors as to why Lakewood ranks high on the "100 Best Places to Live" of Livability. The Red Rocks Community College gives a wide array of opportunities to further one's education and the public school system of this Denver suburb is also highly rated. The area and the surrounding cities of Lakewood are known for medical jobs, aerospace, and bioscience. Lakewood is known as a spontaneous, active, and social place in Colorado. Here is the additional information as to why Lakewood is such a great place to live.


Residents of Lakewood get to experience a four-season climate. The temperature during summer which is in the 80s and 90s is great for hiking and swimming while plenty of snowfall and freezing temperatures in the winter is ideal for snow sports and other winter activities.

Job Market and Economy

As of July 2019, according to the reports of Best Places, the unemployment rate of Lakewood is 3.1% which is slightly lower compared to the average rate of the US which is 3.9%. Because of the great increase in the job market of the city, it is predicted to outpace the US job market growth in the next years. Aside from the top industries, job seekers in Lakewood also prosper in the following:

• Retail trade

• Technical services

• Professional services

• Social assistance

• Health care

The highest paying industries for Lakewood include:

• Agriculture

• Hunting and fishing

• Utilities

• Mining

• Forestry

Schools and Universities

Lakewood is considered as one of the leading cities in Colorado in terms of higher education opportunities and public schools. Some of the popular educational facilities in Lakewood that rank in the top 100 Colorado high schools are Bear Creek High School, Lakewood High School, and Green Mountain High School. Lakewood's higher educational opportunities include the four-year institution, Colorado Christian University, and a public two-year college, Red Rocks Community College.

Arts and Culture

A city with an expertly curated arts and culture scene. The creative district of Lakewood, West Arts, is home to more than 120 delicious dining and creative businesses located on the historic West Colfax Corridor. West Arts includes performing art venues, galleries, and public art installations. Another known and must-visit area is the Lakewood Cultural Center which includes a 320-seat theater that is technically advanced, cultural art classes, event spaces, meeting spaces, and multiple gallery spaces with rotating art exhibits.

Living in Lakewood

In Lakewood, you'll get to enjoy:

• Year-round fun of Rocky Mountains and Red Rocks amphitheater

• Easy access and proximity to downtown Denver

• Breathtaking and one-of-a-kind sceneries which include towering mountains and the Denver skyline

• Quick weekend getaways opportunity to places like Colorado Springs and Boulder

• Active residents and folks in the country

• Lots of craft breweries and farmers market to explore

• Enjoy trails on mountains and parks

• Lakewood Heritage Center

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