All About Lakewood, Colorado

August 18, 2022

Lakewood is the Denver metro area's fifth-largest city and a suburb where you can find one of the best sights of the Rocky Mountain foothills. In addition to that, due to the Union Station, this city is easily accessible by the light rail service. Visitors from the neighboring areas and tourists all over the world are often found in Belmar which is Lakewood's downtown area and a local hangout since the area is packed with restaurants, pedestrian-friendly spots, shops, and a movie theater. It is also known to be a fast-growing city, abundant with nature, crowded with arts and culture, and a bustling economy. Here are more additional information about Lakewood, Colorado.


Piles of snow which is suitable for those who are particularly interested in winter sports. The days during the summer season can get hot but the temperature during summer evening drops in a pleasant condition.

Claim to fame

One of the 10 cities to win the All-America City Award in 2016.


Lakewood is recognized as the "City of Beautiful Homes" for the area is full of magnificent houses that are built before 1930. Aside from the vintage styles, there are also contemporary houses that are available on the market that onsets from the starter or basic to luxurious ones.


Compared to the National Unemployment Rate, Colorado's unemployment rate is six percent lower. Government, education, and healthcare are encouraging factors for new residents or job seekers. One of the largest marketing firms, The Integer Group, is located in Lakewood. Education and healthcare are huge employers in this city. More than 2,000 people are employed by the Jefferson County Public School and the Denver Federal Center employs about 8,000 individuals.

Arts and Culture

Lakewood is filled with rich arts and culture. The creative district of Lakewood on West Colfax Corridor, West Arts, houses over 120 delicious dining and creative businesses. Visitors can find bits of everything in this area of the city including public art installations, galleries, and performing arts venues. The Lakewood Cultural Center is also a must-visit for travelers since the 8,000-square-foot center has a modern theater with 320-seats, event and meeting spaces, multiple gallery areas that exhibits rotating visual arts, classes for cultural arts, and other forms of arts that exists for everyone such as live theater, dance, classical music, jazz, and flamenco. An outdoor amphitheater, a festival area, historic structures, and about 30,000 artifacts can be found at the Lakewood Heritage Center. Moreover, it showcases the history of the city and the lifestyles and inventions of the 20th century.

Parks and Recreation

Lakewood has a total of 99 public parks and more than 180-miles of paved trails for walking, paths for horse riding, and biking. Many of the parks in Lakewood offers outdoor amenities such as:

1. Willian Frederick Hayden Park - a place for those who love outdoor adventures, hiking, or mountain biking. This park is located on Green Mountain and offers a beautiful view of Denver that can be seen from the 6,800-foot summit. It is also home to many species of wildlife and there are also some available picnic sites.

2. Bear Creek Lake Regional Park - it offers many outdoor activities and facilities such as an archery range, Bear Creek Stables, campsites, and picnic sites. Visitors can also go swimming or enjoy sand volleyball at Big Soda Lake.

3. Kendrick Lake Park - Kendrick Lake Park is a family0friendly park equipped with a modern playground. Visitors can enjoy bike rides or a pleasant walk around the lake. Wildlife such as haws, a glut of geese, turtles, and herons can also be found in the park. There is an available picnic area and you can also wind through the Xeriscape gardens.

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